As you begin to maintain a higher vibration of gratitude and start to follow your intuition, abundance will come naturally to you. Abundance is a feminine energy. Scarcity is masculine. An abundant mindset occurs when we feel there is enough for everyone, and there is no need to compete or fight for resources. When we feel abundant, we practice unconditional giving because we know there is enough. Gratitude leads to abundance by drawing our attention to all that we have in our lives. This allows us to give, to receive, and to let go of competitiveness. We see the world as one, not something to be divided up and conquered but something to be shared.

Over the next 42 days, feel places where a scarcity mindset shows up for you. Where do you feel insecure and unstable in your life? Where do you feel you don’t have enough? How does this make you act, and how can you shift to a more abundant mindset, trusting the unlimited energy of the Universe? Furthermore, how can you trust your own power to call in abundance in all forms? Abundance is a frequency that we attract through our own energy. Align with Venus and the feminine energy to simply be and rest in your vibration, knowing that it’s calling in everything you need. Over this transit focus on raising your vibration instead of forcing, chasing, or trying to make something happen. The work of a retrograde is internal. Reach for the highest vibration of love and everything else will reach for you. 

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